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HU Zhiming from Wanxiang Qianchao Is Selected as “Hangzhou Craftsman”


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The list of the second “Hangzhou Craftsman” selection was released by Hangzhou Federation of Trade Unions before the Labour Day after six months of recommendation, evaluation and assessment. HU Zhiming from Wanxiang Qianchao is among the 30 selected “Hangzhou craftsmen” who have extraordinary and refined skills, professional spirits that pursue perfection, and excellent qualities to conquer difficulties, make innovation and be superior. They are representatives of hardworking craftsmen in Hangzhou with great originality in service industry, manufacturing, cultural inheritance and other fields.

HU Zhiming has been working in Wanxiang ever since he graduated from technical secondary school in June 1995. And he grew up as a senior electric maintenance technician of Wanxiang Qianchao. During the past 24 years, he has kept working in the forefront of maintenance and actively carried out technological problems, technical innovation and invention. Having finished 24 projects, he has created economic benefits of more than RMB 11 million Yuan for Wanxiang. Excellent work performance has brought him lots of honor, such as Zhejiang Outstanding Worker Golden Hammer Award, Chief Technician of Hangzhou, Vocational Technology Leader of Hangzhou, Employee Economic Technology Innovation Expert of Hangzhou, one of the second batch of “Hangzhou craftsman”, chief technician of Xiaoshan District, Silver Gear Award (Outstanding Employee) of Xiaoshan District, etc.


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