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Wanxiang Holds Its 49th-Anniversary Conference Spare No Effort in Building the Wanxiang Innovation & Energy-Gathering City



On the afternoon of July 8, the 49th anniversary conference of Wanxiang Group was held, at which Lu Weiding, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Group, delivered an important speech titled; “Don't Forget Our Original Aspiration; Keep Our Mission Firmly in Mind”.

Lu Weiding pointed out in his speech that this year marked the fortieth anniversary of the implementation of the Reform and Opening-up Policy as well as the forty-ninth anniversary of Wanxiang Group. Thanks to the Reform and Opening-up Policy, Wanxiang has made remarkable achievements and left its own distinctive marks in these forty years. The so-called "a miracle in the countryside" is the past and the foundation, and we have realized the objective of “profits increasing tenfold in ten years through struggling” for four times. In the future, we must hold on the Reform and Opening-up Policy, go beyond ourselves, take advantage of the momentum to make history, and, first of all, take up a more open attitude to do the following three things:first, to start the Wanxiang Innovation & Energy-Gathering City to enhance our foundation; second, Wanxiang Group will be converted into a joint stock company from a company of shareholding cooperative system, so as to improve our development efficiency, activate our wisdom and plot out the future; third, to summarize the spirit of the chairman of the board of directors to ensure that we are always on the right path, and always have passion and vitality to keep our undertaking thriving forever.

Lu Weiding remarked, to go all out to build the Wanxiang Innovation & Energy-Gathering City, is not only inheritance of the forty-nine-year's history of Wanxiang Group, but also exploration and innovation of the future, lofty planning for the new mission of Wanxiang in the new era, and profound grasp of the inherent laws of the internationalization development of enterprises, which will play an important leading role for guiding us to realize our 60-year or even 100-year goal. To this end, he centered his speech on going all out to build the Wanxiang Innovation & Energy-Gathering City, focusing on three points : why (to do so), what (it is) and how (to do). On this special day, he gave a pep talk for the construction of the Wanxiang Innovation & Energy-Gathering City

Lu Weiding said: “Although times have changed, the courage of daring to be the first, the wisdom of wading across the river by feeling the way, the spirit of hardworking and enduring hardships as well as the character of devotion of Wanxiang people have not been and will never be changed. We must not forget our original aspiration, bear in mind the mission, and live up to the trust. We have the determination and the capability to stick to our leading position in the process of deepening reform." He called on: “The blueprint has been painted, and the horn has been blown, Let’s strive together to realize the goals of building a new "city" in ten years beside the Qiantang River and further ‘increasing profits tenfold in ten years’ r, and compose a more magnificent new chapter in the new era together! ”

Chen Jun, Vice President of Wanxiang Group, introduced the planning of the Wanxiang Innovation & Energy-Gathering City; Chen Weijun, General Manager of Wanxiang Precision Industry, and Tang Jiangping, General Manager of Qianchao Shanghai Automotive Systems, delivered speeches at the conference as the representatives of managers, summing up the past and looking forward to the future.

More than 150 people attended the conference, including senior executive vice president and vice president of Wanxiang Group, and vice chairman of Sannong Group; assistants to general manager and the above-level persons of each company and department of Wanxiang Group and Sannong Group; financial managers and human resources managers of each company; general manager assistants and above-level persons, financial managers, and human resources managers of Wanxiang Qianchao and its affiliated companies, general managers of all enterprises; members of the CPC Wanxiang Committee, secretary of the party committee of the college, person in charge of Wanxiang Labour Union, Youth League Committee and Women's Federation, Wanxiang lifelong employees and specially-invited guests etc. 


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