Founder: Mr. LU Guanqiu

Mr. LU Guanqiu was born in January 1944 in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, and founded the predecessor of Wanxiang Group in 1969. Currently, Mr. LU is the chairman of the board and secretary of the party committee. In the last 40 years, with the motto of “Tenfold in Ten Years”, Wanxiang Group transformed from one small blacksmith shop into one of the representative automotive components manufacturer in China by the annual growth rate of 25.89%. 

In recent years, Mr. LU Guanqiu invests and develops clean energy businesses zealously, takes the social responsibilities, built the biggest Lithium ion battery manufacturing base in China, in the mean time, Wanxiang Group has already acquired many leading American enterprises in the clean energy industry through merger and acquisition, such as: A123 Systems LLC, Fisker Automotive (now, Karma Automotive), etc.  

Mr. LU proposed one concept, which is “one practical thing for one day, one new try for one month, one big event for a year, and one meaningful thing in a life time”, and won a lot of favorable receptions from both the employees and the public. For the efforts, Mr. LU Guanqiu was rewarded the Outstanding Party Member, the National Labor Model, the May 1st Labor Medal, the National Outstanding Entrepreneur and other honor. Also, he was elected as the 13th and 14th Representatives of the Communist Part of China, and a delegate to the 9th, 10th, and 11th Chinese National People's Congress.